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IAEVG Communiques

The IAEVG regularly publishes communiques on issues of concern for the international guidance community. In most years, the Communiques have been released in conjunction with the international conference, held in partnership with member organizations. Communiques are a call to action for IAEVG members to engage with these issues as advocates for the guidance field.

How to make most out the communiques

  • Reflective Reading: Read and ponder on how the Communiques address key issues relevant to our field and those we serve

  • Discussion Initiatives: Spark conversations with colleagues to share perspectives and insights about the challenges and solutions presented in the Communiques.

  • Incorporate into Meetings: Utilize Communiques in organizational meetings or retreats to inform discussions and strategic planning.

  • Professional Association Highlight: Encourage your association to feature Communiques in newsletters and as resources for webinars and workshops.

  • Link to Standards and Ethics: Relate Communique content to your professional standards and ethics, enhancing advocacy roles.
  • Use in Events and Teaching: Present Communiques at professional events and as teaching tools in career development courses, inviting analysis and application.
  • Policy Maker Engagement: Share Communiques with policymakers to inform them about career guidance issues and encourage partnerships.

  • Contribute to Future Communiques: Participate in suggesting topics and writing for future Communiques.
  • Share Your Stories: Let us know how you've creatively used Communiques, fostering a learning community among members.


The IAEVG is a  non-profit-making association governed by the provisions of the law of Luxembourg

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