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Call for IAEVG 2023 Award Candidates

IAEVG invites its membership to present and nominate candidates for the prestigious IAEVG Award 2023.

The deadline for proposals:  April 16th, 2023.

Requirements to be awarded:


  1. Be proposed by a national or international organization dedicated to Guidance or by a person whose professional work is Guidance. And
  2. Have an outstanding and recognized professional career in Guidance (professional development, educational guidance, counseling, job or career guidance), in their country, region or internationally; with a minimum of fifteen years. Or
  3. Have contributed to the development of the disciplinary field of Guidance with scientific articles or books on Guidance on Theoretical or conceptual framework, methodological or technical development. Or
  4. Have other awards or recognitions for work merit and special services for the community. And
  5. Have provided excellent services over a long time to the IAEVG.


    Members, National, regional association, organizations, and individual members provide the name of a candidate for the Award and a completely filled in form with attachments to support the candidacy.

    Submission Instructions:

    Submissions must be sent to: Gabriela Cabrera-Lopez, director of the IAEVG Board and IAEVG Awards Committee,

    You must provide the AEVG Award 2023 Nomination Form.docx accompanied by relevant documents or links.

    Award ceremony

    The IAEVG 2023 Award will be handed out to the winner at the International IAEVG Conference in The Hague, June 28-30 in a special awards Ceremony.

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